Grade 2 - Kari Pennington
Instructor: Mrs. Pennington   

2nd Grade Morning Class Prayer

The sun is rising in the sky,
thank you God that you and I
can be together for this day.
Guide me as I work and play.

Our before lunch prayer can be found in the front of the student planner:

Bless us, O Lord, and these your gifts, which we are about to receive from your goodness, through Christ Our Lord, Amen.

Please contact me at, or call the school at 662-349-0900 ext. 107
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Dates to Remember:
October 23: Mass with Bishop
October 27: Denim Day/Tent or Treat
October 31st : Class Party at 1:30
November 1st: Mass at 1:40
November 8th: Veterans Day Mass at 7:40
November 17th: Denim Day HIV/Aids Ministry
Nov. 20-24: Thanksgiving Break
December 8th: Denim Day : Walls Social Service
December 15th: Noon Dismissal
December 19th: Last Day of 2nd 9 weeks
December 20th- January 7th: Christmas Break
October 23rd-27th
Mass with Bishop: Monday, Oct. 23rd: 9:00
Denim Day- OB Social Services/Tent or Treat: Friday, October 27th

Phonics and Spelling:
Lesson 37: Diagraph oo
Lesson 38: Diagraph ee
Lesson 39: Spelling with ck and k
Lesson 40: Assessment
Lesson 41: Sight Word Test - I sent a list home a couple of weeks ago with words students needed to know how to spell and read. They will be tested on these words Friday, October 27th

Spelling List #8: ham. plot, stamp, grit, frog, thump, crash, tuck, theft, rich, shin, dart, storm, bus, lost, turn, curb, burst, hurt, burn

Our next test will be Thursday, October 26th If students get all 20 words correct they are finished with spelling for the week. If the student misses any words, he/she will need to write each word 5x each Thursday night, attach it to the spelling test, and retake it on Friday. All spelling tests will need to be signed Thursday night and returned Friday. I will send each spelling list, along with notebook paper, and the tic- tac toe- board home on the Friday before the next school week. Students will need to return the homework tic –tac-toe board with written assignments attached each Thursday in red folder. This gives families a chance to choose when they can complete the assignments. So you have from Friday night-Wednesday night to complete a tic-tac-toe 3 in a row. Make sure that a parent has initialed the 3 in a row spelling activities that your child has completed. Please contact me with any questions!

We will cpntinue 2/3 digit addition with and without regrouping.

Students will continue taking timed tests. Students will have 1 minute and 30 seconds to complete 25 math problems. Each student will begin with addition 1's. If he/she completes the 25 problems and they are all correct he/she will move up to the next test. Students will continue working on each level until it is mastered.

We will also complete A.M. Remember each student must complete 10 math objectives in A.M. each 9 weeks.

English: We will continue nouns. We will focus on singular possessive nouns this week.

Reading/Science: We will learn about the life cycle of a pumpkin this week. We will read the book Life Cycle of the Pumpkin. We will also read a scholastic news article "Giant Pumpkin." Skills: plant life cycle, main idea/details, comprehension
On Friday, we will carve a Jack-O-Lantern together as a class.

Social Studies: We will continue with a new state of the week.

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Remind Messages
Parents- If I don't have your email address yet, please send it to me via my e-mail address! along with your child's name! Thanks :)
Auxiliary Schedule
Music 1:08-1:53

P.E.- Students must wear their P.E. uniforms and tennis shoes 1:08-1:53

Computer 1:08-1:53

Library 7:42-8:27

Spanish 1:08-1:53
Family Service Hours
Each family must provide 15 hours of service to the school per year. Families who do not have their hours completed by the end of the current school term will not be placed on class rolls for the coming year until the service has been completed. *The hours will be totaled at the end of each term. The form should be turned into the youngest child's homeroom teacher. Please e-mail Mrs. Pennington when you need a new form.
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ABC's of Mrs. Pennington's Classroom- this document will tell you almost everything you need to know about our classroom!